Socotra: Socotra Food Recap

We camped the entire time on Socotra except for the last night. Once, feral goats ate our entire food supplies. All meals were prepared at the camp on fires and we mostly opted for freshly caught fish, straight from the ocean and sometimes even self-caught. Lobster, shellfish, crabs, sea urchins – also made for some delicious local delicacies. Rice with “goat oil” (that’s how our guides referred to goat fat) was incredible, as was the drink based on sour goat milk. In Hadibo, we went to a restaurant and tried an amazing roasted goat which was truly out of this world. Several times we were invited into local homes and shared dinners on the floor with families, eating rice and meat and bread with your right hand from a central big plate. Amazing bananas, guavas, dates, papayas constituted the fruit portion of the diet. No alcohol. Hot cardamom flavored tea twenty times per day!