Syria: Damascus – Roaming Around Old Damascus

Old Damascus is just absolutely insanely amazing and you can spend days and weeks just roaming the narrow streets and alleyways of the Old City. The historic city center is one of the oldest on earth land is a relatively small area geographically, but it’s so easy to get absolutely lost in this total maze of ultra-narrow streets and buildings with overhanging balconies obscuring the sun. Centuries-old mosques and minarets towering above old buildings with colorful walls and roofs, the Citadel of Damascus imposing of the western end of the city, while the Roman gates and columns remind one about the old history. The sprawling Al-Buzuriyah Souq is an experience in its own right with stalls burying with local products, elaborate crafts, fruits and vegetables, loads of street food, art and home furnishings. Seemingly around every corner are small shops with experiences craftsmen working on their masterpieces. And people are super-welcoming, courteous, smiling, and helpful. Old Damascus is experience like no other place on earth!