Taiwan: Tainan

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and was its first capital. The city was established by the Dutch as Fort Zealandia. From 1661, it came under the Chinese rule. Led by Emperor Koxinga, the Chinese laid siege to Tainan and defeated the Dutch. For the next two hundred years it was the capital of the country until the Japanese took control of Taiwan in late 19th century and made Taipei the capital. Tainan is the home to the oldest Confusian school temple dating to 1665, but there are also plenty of other spectacular temples. In fact, there are more temples and shrines in Tainan then in any other city in Taiwan. All the temples are ornate and beautiful with loads of colors and decorations, and festive spirit of flowers, fruits, and and burning incense. It’s actually quite a different, calm and peaceful mood, as opposed to the Christian churches with their bloody imagery of crucifixion, pain and suffering.