Tanzania: Ngorongoro Crater – Birds

There are nearly 300 birds species in the Ngorongoro Crater, a truly astounding number for such a small area. Ostriches, both Lesser and Grater Flamingos, Secretary Birds, and several species of bastards were among the large mostly terrestrial birds we saw. But there were also rare steppe bird species on the crater floor, as well spectacular forest species in the acacia forest on the rim. The species we spotted included: Cinnamon breasted bee-eater (absolutely stunning), Blue-napped Mousebird, African long-crested eagle, Augur buzzard, Scaly frankolin, African pied wagtail, White-browed robin, Baglafecht weaver, Kori bastard, Rufous-napped lark, Red-rumped swallow, Ant-eater chat, Black-shouldered kite, Abdim stork, Crowned crane, Egyptian Geese, Steppe eagle, Cattle egret, Red-billed woodpecker, Lesser Kestrel, Lesser flamingo, Red-knobbed coot, Ruff, Whiskered tern, Hildebrant starling, Superb starling, White-backed vulture, Rufus-tailed weaver, Masked weaver, Black kite, Helmeted guinea fowl, Ringed dove, Greater flamingo, Saddle-billed stork, Spare wing geese, White-bellows bastard, Black-bellied bustard, Hotentott teal, Purple grenadier (insane colors in this one), Hadada ibis, African spoonbill, Hamerkop, Namaqua dove, Black-winged stilt, Grey heron, Little egret, Squacco heron, Lilac-breasted roller, Red-billed oxpecker, Yellow-billed oxpecker, and many others.