Tanzania: Ruaha NP – Baobab Landscapes

Ruaha National Park is a true jewel of Tanzanian national park, the largest in the country and surprisingly little visited (you have to fly into the park and land on a small dirt airstrip as there are no roads that are drivable into the park). It’s Tanzania undiscovered secret, remote and tucked away in the center of the country. Teaming with wildlife, its landscapes are the real show-stoppers – majestic baobabs scattered over hills and massive boulders. Ruaha scenery is spectacular and dramatic – hills rise above flat plains, huge boulders are scattered everywhere, groves of baobabs stand like skeletons (and these baobabs are big and fat) and the Great Ruaha River runs through the park. And we also tried the baobab fruit – tastes like a sour dry candy and quite a thirst-quencher surprisingly.