Tanzania: Ruaha NP – Birds

Ruaha National Park has 571 species of birds documented on the park’s territory – from rare endemic species to faraway European migrants. Among the species we saw Lilac-Breasted Roller(spectacular), European roller, White browed coucal, Helmeted guinefowl, Ring-necked dove, Little beeeater, Grey kestrel, Tawny eagle, Marabu stork, Open-billed stork, Slate-colored boubou, Yellow bellied greenbul, White-headed buffalo weaver, African golden weaver, Yellow-collared lovebird, Hildebrant’s frankolin, Red-winged frankolin, Ash starling, Woodland kingfisher, Dove frankolin, White-billed bastard, Crested frankolin, Buff-crested bastard, Von der Decken’s hornbill, Green-winged pytilia, Red-billed firefinch, Black-shouldered kite, Black-faced sandgrouse, Superb starling, D’Arnoud’s barbet, Hidida ibis, Cattle egret, Little egret, Grey heron, and many many others that we didn’t write down.