Tanzania: Serenegeti NP – Lion Sex

Lions on a honeymoon is quite a show! A mating pair usually stops eating and drinking for days and is totally consumed with mating, many times per day. The female typically approaches a male who is patiently waiting, they mate very quickly with the lion on top, and the female quickly rolls off on her back and both growl. Lions mate every 10-20 minutes, with up to 100 copulations per 24 hours (basically, once you find mating lions – just stick around, it’s gonna happened again and again and again). The actual sex last only about 15-20 seconds. Lion’s penis has spines that point backwards and causes significant pain during the withdrawal, raking the walls of the vagina (this is when the female growls and bites the male), often quite aggressively and viciously), but also thus inducing the ovulation.