Thailand: Pattaya – Soi 6 Beer Bars

While the Walking Street in Pattaya is world-famous for the highest concentration of clubs, bars, gogo-dance outfits, and restaurants – it’s mostly a total and absolute tourist trap meant to fish money out of you – with food and drinks and clubs being totally overpriced, gimmicky, and just trying to lure you in. Soi 6 is a totally different experience – being only 350m/1000ft long – it’s an alternative to Walking Street jam-packed with tiny but loud beer bars. A beer bar is a classically Thai invention of small bars with cheap beer ($2) and well drinks, blasting eurotrash and europop music (from 90s to today), giant sport screens, bar games, lounges, and skimpily-clad tiny Thai girls hostesses wiggling everywhere. People watching is fantastic here as it’s a cacophony of flashing neon, dancing people, blasting speakers and hostesses screaming “hey come here”. And the bars are seemingly competing with each other as to which one can have a more scandalous name – Horny Bar, Wicked Bar, Seduction, Passion, Avarice, Wrath, Where Angels Play, Route 69 Bar, Playpen, Candy Bar, Pussy Club, and so on.