Thailand: Pattaya – Street Seafood

The entire waterfront beach street and several streets deep into town in Lattaya are bursting with fresh seafood stalls and simple tables set up behind them. You select anything you like and it’s quickly grilled or steamed and served with spicy Thai garlic-pepper sauces. This ain’t a 5-star dining experience, but that’s pretty much true for everything in Pattaya – hordes of Chinese and Russian tourists flock here because it’s “beach” and “cheap”. But seafood variety is phenomenal – giant lobsters, tiger shrimp, weird spotted whelk shells, octopus, calamari, squid, clams of several varieties, even more weird crab-like creatures big and small, mud crab, spotted crab, oysters, and so on and so forth. It’d probably take a month to try all of this, definitely not a task for a couple days.