Togo & Benin: Benin & Togo Food Recap

Both Benin and Togo are francophone countries and are known in West Africa for high standards of French cuisine. Seafood a plenty – whether it’s from the ocean (grilled barracuda, snapper, octopus, giant shrimp) or freshwater (catfish and tilapia) – the dishes are fresh and delicious. Pils is the Togolese bier, while Beninois, Beaufort, and Eku are Benin brands. Driving across the northern Togo and Benin we ate a lot of grilled Guinea fowl. The bird is a common staple food in the north, taste like a very lean chicken. Many other dishes were of a more standard west African variety – stews with rice, grilled plantains, refreshing beer, fresh river fish, and good fruits. Coastal Benin offered great seafood. Togo and Benin both had clear French aspects to the food – from presentation to omnipresent baguette to the names of the dishes.