Tuamotu/Tikehau: Christmas Tree Worms

Same place as the manta rays, above some pristine coral birds, there were unique places with many bizarre-looking coral-like creature called Christmas tree worms. They look like small spiral flowers growing on the brain coral towers and they come is all possible colors – red, blue, yellow, brown, purple, black, white, and so on. When you move your finger next to them – they immediately collapse and disappear. In Latin, these guys are known as Spirobranchus giganteus, and they are actually sea tubeworms that live inside the holes in coral and use the colorful and elaborate structures for breathing and feeding. The actual worms are only 3.8 cm/1.5 inch long, but their double spiral structure (which is their mouth) are almost double the size. You can spend hours hovering above them and making them disappear in a snap second, just to come out back again.