Tuamotu/Rangiroa: Dolphins in the Tiputa Pass

Tiputa Pass is the second of the two passes in and out of the Rangiroa Lagoon and it’s world reknown diving destination. It’s deep and get a huge concentration of sharks and large predators that float underneath and catch the incoming fish with the current. Above water – you are almost quarantined to see many bottlenose dolphins that come really close to the boats. Bottlenose dolphins are the most commonly seen dolphins in the world, they are also the most playful and acrobatic. In Tiputa Pass, the dolphins swam around and jumped and chased the boat and were in a general state of ecstasy. Hundreds of dolphins frolic, play, and jump while chasing fish in the Tiputa Pass. Fast moving waters of the deep channel connecting the open ocean and the lagoon bring large schools of fish and dolphins are here to take advantage of it.