Turkey: Troy

The UNESCO-listed archaeological site of Troy is often on everybody’s “to see” list, although there’s isn’t much to see here. The legendary city of Troy (and many settlements before it) existed here from about 3500 BC to 500 AD (civilization in Bronze Age, Dark Age, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine), but almost all the structures were destroyed. What you see know is mostly foundations of the buildings. The site was discovered by a German treasure hunter in 1871 and had since been confirmed as the Troy and the place of Trojan War as described in the Homer’s Illiad. Exploring Troy is really more about imagining what happened here, rather then seeing anything. There is a pretty cool Trojan Horse at the site, And probably much more authentic one then the one Brad Pitt climbed out of the 2004 film. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.