UAE/Abu Dhabi: Liwa Dunes

One of the most spectacular locations in he UAE are the endless massive dune fields of the Empty Quarter aka Rub al-Jali near the Liwa Oasis. There are endless sands here as far as the eyes can see, and absolutely spectacular scenery – this is what one conjures in their mind when thinking of the Arabian Peninsula. Liwa oasis is about 250km inland from Abu Dhabi city and near the Saudi border. The Empty Quarter constitutes the largest continues expanse of sand dune in the world – 650,000 sq km in total are and 1,000km in length by 500km in width. The sand is yellow-orange in color and the most spectacular at sunset time. The highest dune is the country is – Moreeb Dune – rising over 300m at a 50 degree incline (it’s actually one of the highest dunes in the world!).