UAE/Dubai: New Year’s Fireworks 2021 at Burj Khalifa

Together with New York’s Times Square and Sydney Harbor Bridge, Burj Khalifa forms the top three places in the world to see the New Year’s Fireworks (at least in my subjective mind). And this long-time bucketlist item became reality in the year that most people probably would want to forget – 2020. The access to the fountains and Burj Khalifa was very severely restricted this year – basically, if you didn’t have a reservation at one of the dozen or so restaurants around the pool, you were not allowed anywhere near. Even with a reservation in hand, it took us two hours to get the restaurant – Sammach – right across the tallest building in the world. After hours of food and non-alcoholic drinks (it’s a first alcohol-free New Years for me), the clock slowly neared midnight as the pool kept exploding with music fountain shows every half hour and “thank you” message to those who fought covid this year. Finally, everybody got on edge, the countdown went from 10 to 1 and the tower of Burj Khalifa exploded with thousands of fireworks – an absolutely insane and out-of-this world spectacle – right in front of our eyes! Absolutely wow on every level! The fireworks went on for good 15 minutes before the final blast! Happy 2021 and a great start to a New Year!