Ukraine: Henichesk Pink Lake

If you google “pink lake”, most of the results will talk about either the Hillier Lake in Australia (I saw it in 2014), or the Lake Retba in Senegal (I saw it in 2017). Supposedly, these are the only two pink lakes in the world, which is actually absolutely incorrect. Several places in The South American antiplano, American Southwest, Central Asia and Middle East have some kind of pink lakes – high salt concentration and blooming algae. But I didn’t expect to find the most amazing display in Ukraine, in Kherson Oblast along the Arbatskya Spit, where the shallow waters of the Sivash that separate Crimea from mainland for multiple pink lakes. The most spectacular is Henichesk Lake, where the water in bright and saturated pink, like some scene from Avatar or Fifth Element or Mad Max. Surreal! And there is not a single tourist in sight as we explored the pink waters and even loaded up on some quality pink salt!