Ukraine: Lviv – Pyana Vishnya Liquer Bars

This is an authentic and truly Lviv institution – the Pyana Vishnya (aka Drunk Cherry) Liquor Bar. There are actually two of them in town around the market central square. Both are tiny little holes in the wall with just a couple stand-up bar tables inside and several tables outside, serving locally made and barrel-kept cherry liquor. For under $1, you get a glass of this awesome sweet red warming alcoholic drink with a couple of sour and alcohol-oversoaked cherries dropped into your glass (or you can have chocolate-covered cherries). The boutique bars have awesome interior with chandeliers made of actual bottles filled with red liqueur! The bars are packed with people at any time of the day, almost like the famous mojito bar in Havana. For some people, the tour of Lviv probably starts and ends here, without ever stepping outside.