Uruguay: Montevideo – Parilla at Mercado del Puerto

Uruguay is a meatlovers’ paradise – the country consumes the most beef per capita in the world and the Uruguayan parilla and as ado blows away all the possible competition. In Montevideo, the old port markets is now all turned into parilla restaurants and people flock here from all over town. In a traditional Uruguayan parilla, the meats are grilled only over burning wood, often fires are burning from underneath and sideways. Many different meat cuts and choices are available from nice and juicy steak cuts to ribs to blood sausages to intestines and back to generous steak portions. We tried picanha and also the chivito sandwich, which is an Uruguayan classic and specialty – steak, mozzarella, ham, mayo, tomatoes – all piled up super high on a bun – massive size! Done with meal, it’s also great to roam around the old port market, watching other parilladas and their patrons consume insane amounts of red meat (and not get fat).