USA/AL: Mobil – Fort Conde & Mardi Gras Park

The historic Fort Conde is one of the main attractions in Mobile in Alabama – built by the French in 1702 to defend their young colony at the mouth of the Mobile Bay. The present day fort is a reconstruction of the old one, as the original was demolished to make way for city streets in 1823, but then eventually reconstructed in 1976 using a 4/5 scale of the original fortress. Next to the fort is also the historic Condé-Charlotte Museum House, that’s was built in 1822 to serve as the city’s first official jail and courthouse. Across from Fort Conde is the Mardi Gras Park, celebrating the Mardi Gras tradition of Mobile (Mobile is actually home of the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States). The park features colorful statues of popular Carnival characters including Mardi Gras royalty, jesters, and Joe Cain – the guy who is credited with inventing the current way of celebrating the Mardi Gras in 1868.