USA/Alaska: Fairbanks – Hoarfrost Vodka Distillery

This was an unexpected find – the northernmost vodka distillery in the world – Hoarfrost Vodka. Apparently this small hand-made operation of ultra-premium vodka just won the best vodka title in the USA in 2019. Surprise surprise – the owners are a Russian & Finnish couple. You get a nice personal tour of the distillation process (all the mash and fermentation and distillation bowls bearing Russian female names), and then a tasting were you get to sample both core products of Premium Crystal and Premium Brilliant. Both are super smooth and the latter is perhaps one of the best vodkas I have ever tried. The tasting then continues with all the flavored varieties – fireweed, earl grey tea, vanilla lime, coffee, and more. And when done with tasting, you can try one of their cocktails.