USA/MS: Sorghum Fields

Turns out, Arkansas is the number one state in America where sorghum is grown as a crop. The plant is originally from Africa, where it was domesticated and used as a primary crop in many countries. In the early 2000s, China caught on the idea of sorghum as a crop and starting importing as mush as possible. Midwest US states, and especially Arkansas embraced it as the cash crop and in 2015-2018 exported over $1 billion worth of American sorghum per year. And then Trump happened and the trade war began and China imposed retaliatory duties on American sorghum, bringing the exports to essentially zero and robbing the Arkansas farmers of all the cash windfalls. Then Trump made the American taxpayers replenish the farmer coffins so they would vote for him. But here’s what sorghum looks like and the endless sorghum fields in Arkansas.