USA/CT: New England Air Museum

An absolutely spectacular museum celebrating the history of American aviation and New England in particular. The museum is huge with three covered hangars, displaying 55 airplanes out of 110 in the total collection. A lot of old aircraft, including two historic examples of balloon baskets, one of which is the oldest surviving American-built aircraft. It was built and flown in 1870s by Silas Brooks, a Connecticut native. There are two other very unique historic aircraft: Sikorsky VS-44A – the sole remaining American-built commercial trans-oceanic four-engine flying boat, and the Goodyear ZNPK-28 Blimp Control Car – one of only two surviving K-class control cars in the world. Other exhibits include helicopters (a lot of Sikorsky stuff here), amphibious aircraft, prop planes, jets, WWII planes, and much more. A lot of space is dedicated to Sikorsky helicopters and aircraft as it was located in Connecticut. Finally, a fully restored B-29A bomber proudly occupies the final hall, a huge shinning steal bird!