USA/Florida: JFK Space Visitor Center – Apollo/Saturn V

The other main attraction of the Kennedy Space Center is the outlying complex hosting the immense Saturn V rocket and the exhibits of the Apollo lunar-landing program. It’s about 15-minute bus journey through the sprawling space center grounds where along the way you can see the Vehicle Assembly Building (this is the largest single-story building in the world). You also drive by the world’s longest runway where Shuttles were landing. The final destination – Apollo/Saturn V – begins in the actual mission control center where you witness the entire procedure of the Saturn V launch. Saturn V was a massive 363ft/111m high 3-stage rocket specifically designed to take humans to the moon. To this day, Saturn V remains the world’s tallest, heaviest and most powerful (in terms of liftoff propulsion) rocket and the only vehicle that took humans beyond the earth’s orbit. 15 rockets were built for the Apollo missions and 13 were flown (and one of the remaining ones is here on display). Each of the launches cost about $1.6 billion in today’s dollars (which is still arguably a better way to spend money then building the idiotic and utterly useless Trump’s Wall). Walking underneath all the rocket’s stages, you feel like a little ant crawling around. A large part of the complex is dedicated to the Apollo missions to the Moon. And from outside the complex, you can see other launch sites in far distance.