USA/Florida: Shooting M16 at a Gun Range

The second amendment to the constitution of the United States adopted in 1791 gave the country’s citizens the “right to bear arms”. This was during the time of gunpowder pistols, muskets, and sparsely populated woods with some hunting to be done. Fast forward over 200 years and USA is now unlike pretty much every other country in the world – it’s perfectly legal to own and often carry guns, semi-automatic rifles, and everything else short of grenade launchers (the only other country with fully legal guns is Yemen). 3/4 of all world’s civilian shootings happen in USA and one can only wonder why. That being said, I was excited at an opportunity to go to a middle-of-nowhere in Florida shooting range and practice some heavy-duty weapons – Rouger 10-22 rifle with a silencer, M-16 with automatic fire, and AR-10 rifle with a sniper scope. And it was fun! Nothing like hitting 4 tiny targets in a row from 600 yards away!