USA/ME: Fort William Henry

Yet another historic fort is located not far from the Pemaquid Lighthouse – Fort William Henry. This one was originally built in 1693 and at the time was the largest fort in the entire New England. It was built by the British to protect against the attacks of New France from the north, at the time this was the boundary of New England (two different wooden forts actually had existed here before that – one was destroyed by pirates and the other burnt in the war with Indians). The British spared no expense to built a state of the art fort, with walls that were 10 to 22 feet in height and a stone bastion 29 feet in height, the fortification armed to the teeth with 20 cannons and a large garrison of soldiers. The fort was attacked by the French the same year it was built and the British surrendered, just to take revenge later in the year and retake It back again.