USA/ME: Lobster Pounds in Maine

Maine is synonymous with Maine lobsters, prized for the tails and claws. The entire coastline is covered with lobster traps in the water and lobster pounds on the shore. Forget the expensive restaurants and fusion cuisine – lobster is available everywhere and affordable to everyone. Lobster pound is essentially a little shack with basins were live lobsters of all sizes are kept and boiling pots were lobsters are cooked to order. You pick your own lobster (or two) and wait 10 minutes for your simple and rustic but oh so delicious oceanfront meal. Usually, you can add mussels or steamers – by the pound and cooked in front of you as well. The entire Maine shoreline is dotted with lobster pounds, some just tiny holes-in-a-wall, and some more like a large fishing house. Always with an absolutely stunning seascape view. Oh, and don’t forget another Maine classic – lobster roll – a simple bun loaded to the max with juicy chunks of fresh lobster and melted salty butter.