USA/NY: NYC – Hudson Yards & Empty New York City

Hudson Yards is a brand new development on the west side of Manhattan’s midtown that half-way sprang up to life in late 2019, and is now slowly being developed further. It’s a sprawling complex of glass towers and offices and commercial space and a large public spaces with an absolutely stunning structure called the Vessel in the middle. The Vessel is actually a ventilation tower for the entire complex as well as the actual Hudson rail yards located beneath everything. It’s truly stunning! And it is absolutely empty right now as the entire area is closed for business and gated – you almost have the entire complex to yourself. The rest of NYC around is also surreal – empty streets, no people, hardly any restaurants open, no traffic and no taxi cabs – totally insane. You walk around as if you are a character from “I Am Legend” after a serious “World War Z”.