USA/NYC: New York City Food Recap

Despite COVID, lockdowns, demonstrations, and curfews this summer, New York City is still alive and kicking. Some restaurants closed. Some survived and coming back to life. New ones will appear. NYC is unlike any place on earth – you can find any cuisine from all over the globe here – pick any country and there’s probably a dozen authentic restaurants here. Classic NYC bagels and lox is a must have for breakfast, as are limitless variations of bagel/egg/cheese/ham/bacon deli sandwiches in the morning. Top choice NY strip steak at a steakhouse like Wolfgang’s is probably the best steak in the world (sorry Texas and Argentina). Real Vietnamese pho or Korean kimbap or Japanese udon or Italian pizza – you can have it all here. Plus drinks on the rooftops with the iconic Manhattan skyscrapers shimmering in the sunset, or oysters at one of the NYC pier restaurants. New York City is the ultimate foodie destination and experience.