USA/PA: Amish Country

Amish Country around Lancaster is best explored by just simply driving the many tiny roads cris-crossing the picturesque landscape of corn fields and agricultural equipment and silos, and just people watch. It’s like you are on a safari, but looking horse-drawn buggies and men in hats. Amish are traditionalist Christians of German descent, who settled in Pennsylvania long time ago, but are trying to preserve their life as simple as possible – plain dress, horse and buggy, pedaled bicycles, basic farming, and souvenir making. Amish have large families with education focus on farming and manual labor. Women wear long skirts and white or black bonnets (depending if they are single or married), while men wear brimmed hat, pants with suspenders, and long beards. Some must stops are definitely farmers markets and some shops selling the traditional Amish shoofly pies and Amish quilts. We drove around randomly, making loops and circles, and nonstop playing Wierd Al Yancovic’s “Amish Paradise”: “We been spending most our lives Living in an Amish paradise. I’ve churned butter once or twice Living in an Amish paradise. It’s hard work and sacrifice Living in an Amish paradise. We sell quilts at a discount price Living in an Amish paradise”