USA/SD: Deadwood

Deadwood is the historic Wild West town in the northern foothills of The Black Hills. The historic Main Street is the main tourist drag here with old cowboy-time buildings and bars and saloons. A lot of it clearly made to draw tourists in. From 1876 to 1879, Deadwood was at its thriving core, after rich gold deposits had been discovered nearby – the so-called Black Hills Gold Rush. It grew to a large town of over 25,000 and all the classic western-style characters were drawn in here – Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane, and Wild Bill (the latter was killed in Deadwood). The Main Street is relatively short and packed with souvenirs stores. This is also the hardcore Trump country – tshirts, stickers, flags, and other Trump-related propaganda is everywhere. Still, so hard to understand how these ultra-religious, whiskey-gulping, Harley Davidson-riding, abortion-cursing, xenophobic, creationism-adoring, COVID-denying, no mask-wearing crowd can adore and idolize a fake, incoherent, bankrupt, pornstar-screwing New Yorker….