USA/WY: Yellowstone NP – Upper Geyser Basin

The Upper Geyser Basin is the crown jewel of Yellowstone with the highest concentration of geothermal features and it is here that the most fantastic geysers and hot springs are located, including the famous Old Faithful. The are is vast and takes hours and hours to fully explore. Five geysers erupting here are predictable: Old Faithful (every 90 minutes), Castle Geyser (every 13 hours), Daisy Geyser (every 3 hours), Riverside Geyser (every 7 hours), and Grand Geyser (every 7 hours). While everybody knows Old Faithful (and we diligently watched it erupt to a massive crowd of people), we got super lucky to watch the Castle Geyser erupt (this one goes for almost an hour huffing and puffing), and a much more spectacular Grand Geyser (next post). And the Morning Glory Pool – absolutely stunning!