Yaroslavl Oblast: Yaroslavl – Yaroslavl Kremlin and Around

Yaroslavl (the entire old town is the UNESCO World Heritage Site) is the biggest town along the Golden Circle and it’s absolutely magnificent with over 100 old churches and the entire old town between the Volga and Kotorosl. The oldest part of the city is the Kremlin (Fortress) surrounding the Transfiguration Cathedral from 1506, its Bellfry, and several more churches confined within thick 17th century whitewashed walls. The cathedral is one of the oldest in Russia, with original frescos covering its walls and dome. Just outside the Kremlin are two more stunning churches – Church of of the Epiphany and Church of Michael the Archangel – both red in color with five onion domes, a taller bellfry and even more amazing frescoes inside.