Zambia/Barotseland: Liuwa Plain NP – King Lewanika Safari Lodge

King Lewanika is the only permanent lodge and safari camp in the heart of the beautiful Liuwa Plain National Park. The ultra-chic five-star safari lodge is named after Lewanika, the king or Barotse people who proclaimed the Liuwa Plain a protected wildlife area around 1880s, making it one of the first game reserves in Africa, well before any national parks. Only six villas blend the ultimate in eco-friendly (solar power, local materials, environmentally-friendly layouts and minimal impact) with classic old-school safari (genuine leather, cotton and canvas, and bottomless whiskey decanter). And the design of the actual villas is also a fusion of futuristic and a classic tented camp. Just a total “wow” all around! The lions come straight to the camps doorstep and you can hear them all night. And get some suntan in between the game drives!