Zambia: Livingstone Island – Angel’s Pool

An absolute must-do experience at Victoria Falls is getting to the Livingstone Island – a tiny speck of land sitting in the middle of the falls on the precipice of the abyss. Before getting here, you sign off your life away in case you slip and fall off the falls, and then off you speed to the island in a boat navigating the swirling whitewater. On the island, you hike barefoot toward the edge of the falls where you can feel the ground tremble with the cascading water, the mist explodes around you, and the thunderous sound deafens you. During the dry season you can swim in the Devils Pool, but at high water (which is now) you can just stand carefully on the edge. During the high water, the alternative is the Angel’s Pool, not as extreme but still insanely exhilarating. And then you get to have lunch and sip on gin & tonic at the edge of the world! Surreal and once-in-a-lifetime experience!