Zimbabwe: Mana Pools NP – Birds

There are around 380 species of birds in Mana Pools National Park. Plenty of waterfowl can be found along the Zambezi River and the four pools of permanent water that actually make up the Mana Pools. The surrounding savanna and woodlands boast a great variety of species as well. And between November and March, migratory birds arrive from as far as Europe and Asia. Noisy guineafowl (including the rare crested guineafowl found only here), hornbills (including the massive Ground Hornbills), colorful beeeaters and kingfishers, storks and herons and egrets, eagles and goshawks, and much more. We also saw dozen of vultures and several Maribu storks devouring the carcass of a buffalo (that lions ate on the first day and hyenas stripped on the second day).