England: Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the most well-known English cities thanks to its university founded back in 1209. There are 31 total colleges within Cambridge with their historic buildings and chapels dominating the city skyline. Architecturally, the most famous are King’s College (founded in 1441 by Henry VI) and Queen’s College (founded in 1448 by Margaret of Anjou, wife of Henry VI) – both have iconic chapels and elaborate facades and courtyards, while the latter has an interesting Mathematical Bridge built without nails. Trinity College and Peterbouse College are equally famous. There are also two famous churches – St. Mary the Great from 15th century (where you can and should climb the tower for panoramic views of Cambridge), and the 11th century Round Church. Cambridge feels and looks like a large university campus (which of course it is). However, it is totally and beyond any reasonable limits overrun by Chinese tourists who apparently are nuts about Cambridge – everybody posing for selfies in front of famous colleges and often filming with expensive and bulky video/photo equipment. What’s more, many Chinese tourists are dressed up in school uniforms to make the selfies more “authentic”.