Tanzania: Mikumi NP – Game Drives

Mikumi National Park in central Tanzania is often compared to Serengeti given the landscape – flat grasslands of the alluvial plain of the Mkata River with acacia trees and isolated hills and boulders – a classic African savannah. The southern part of the park quickly turns into higher hills and eventually mountains. The amount of wildlife here is simply staggering and it’s much more concentrated here that in most other African parks – in just one day of game driving we saw insane numbers of zebras, buffaloes, wildebeest, giraffes in hundreds, elephants, elands in herds, impala and bohor reedbuck, baboons. Plenty of predators as well – we saw over 20 lions (a separate post coming for a pride of 15), a leopard on a tree and on the ground, jackals, and hyenas. And last bu not least – the park has over 500 species of birds! Plus we even found a rare orchid!