Ukraine: Brezhnev’s Airplane

In the marshy forest south of Kiev lies an unusual and abandoned attraction – an airplane that was once the official airplane of the Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev (who was in power from 1963 to 1982). The airplane is IL-62 with the official designation of СССР-8661 and was built in 1975, and Brezhnev (who coincidentally was born in Ukraine) flew on it a total of six times. The plane was designed with three halls inside – main room for 6 passengers, kitchen, and toilet. The plane is standing on a cemented ground behind a fence with a guard living on premises, a museum is supposed to open one day sometimes in the future. A small “donation” to the lonely guard “opens” the gates and you can run around this relic of history to your heart’s delight and photograph it from different angles! Back to the USSR!