Argentina: Quebrada de las Conchas

Cafayate is not just about the wine, but also the spectacular national park of the Quebrada de lLas Conchas, or the Racine of the Shells. It is part of the broader Colhavui Valley, that is a UNESCO World Heritage site, designated for its absolutely stunning natural beauty, geological formations, and environmental habitats. For most is the Quebrada de las Conchas it is a steep-sided red rock canyon, with the Conchas River flowing through it. The northernmost is the Amphitheater with superb views and vistas. One of the most visited is the Tres Cruces Viewpoint, offering a short hike to a panoramic 360 view. Another attraction is the Casa de Los Loros, aka Parrots’ House, where the red sandstone cliffs are dotted with thousands of burrows of the Patagonian Burrowing Parrots. There is also El Obelisco, a single-standing monolith, and La Vantanas – the windows similar to the ones in the Arches National Park in the US. Finally, the Los Castillos viewpoint offers a panorama of the river with fairytale sandstone castles in the background.