Baffin Island: Floe Edge – Last Day at the Floe Edge

The last day at the Floe Edge – calmest seas, loads of birds, floating ice pieces….. but warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine resulted in very rapid ice melt. What used to be a 6ft/2m deep ice, turned into a mere 6inches/15cm ice, which started cracking and breaking everywhere. At one point, trying to get to the the edge, a large block just broke off from the main shelf – luckily one snowmobile managed to jump the crack while the other swerved before it. When the Inuit guy tested the ice depth, all he said was “thin ice eh! we went too far, scary stuff!”. This is when you most certainly know – it’s time to get the &$#% outta here, unless you wanna end up floating away into the Arctic Ocean.