Belarus: Belarusian Food Recap

Belarus is all about potatoes – there’s probably over a 1000 various traditional potato dishes that you can sample here. Potato pancakes aka draniki are the most common, coming in insane amount of variations – plain, stuffed, topped with various meats and loads of sour cream. (If you are health-conscious or vegetarian – Belarus is probably not gonna be your favorite destination – food is heavy, meaty and swimming in animal fat and sour cream – but you will quickly burn all the calories in this cold climate). Then there’s also potatoes in clay pots in a variety of stews, potato dumplings, potato soups, and so on and so forth. There are probably even potato deserts (and of course potato vodka). Always present is a good selection of dry meats, sausages, salo (pork fat), accompanied with pickles, pickled tomatoes, garlic, wild onion cheremsha, cabbage. Many soups have copious amount of flavorful porcini mushrooms. (And check out