Boliva: La Paz – Teleferico

The most incredible thing in La Paz is the public transportation system by cable car – Teleferico La Paz. It’s modern, spectacular, convenient, and beyond cheap. There are currently eight lines with 25 stations connecting all the areas of La Paz and El Alto above the city. It is absolutely the best tour of the city one can take and explore at your own pace and covering as many lines as possible. I started with the Linea Naranja (Orange) in the historic center of the city, switched for Linea Roja (Red), that climbed steeply over the colorful neighborhoods up to El Alto. Then it was Linea Plateada (Silver) that went along the edge of El Alto with panoramic views of the entire urban bowl of La Paz. Linea Amarilla (Yellow) took me down along the western edge of La Paz, where I switched for Linea Celeste (Blue), which went low beneath the skyscrapers of the downtown and back into the old city. An amazing trip with amazing views all along – La Paz is worth visiting just for Teleferico alone.