Cambodia: Ta Phrom Temple at Lake Tonle Bati

About 40km south of Phnom Pehn near lake Tonle Bati is an ancient temple called Ta Phrom (not to be confused with a much more famous and beautiful temple by the same name in Angkor Wat/Siem Rip). This Ta Phrom is actually older and was built around 1200s but perhaps some sort of religious site existed here since the 7th century. The temple is worshiping mostly Hindu deities inside its main buildings while the figures and carvings outside in the walls are definitely Khmer and Buddhist, added at the later Khmer empire period. Nobody comes here and nobody knows about this and it’s not listed on UNESCO or even on Wikipedia – it’s a shame. It’s a beautiful abandoned semi-ruined ancient temple with absolutely stunning elements and decoration. I had the whole thing all to myself, not even a Lara Croft in sight.