Campbell Island: Megaherbs

New Zealand’s subantarctic islands and Campbell in particular are unique for the megaherb flowers that grow here. Megaherbs are endemic to these islands and are not found anywhere else on earth, they are typically large plants up to 3ft/1m high with spectacular and often very colorful large bright flowers and massive leaves – adaptation to wet environment. They don’t even bloom every year, but rather once in 2-3 years. Among the main species are – Bulbinella Rossi/Ross Lily (bright yellow flower), Anisotome latifolia/Campbell Island Carrot (pink bunches flowers), and Pleurophyllum speciousum/Campbell Island Daisy (stunning purple and blue flowers, ultra spectacular and bright). Two other Pleurophyllum species (giant button daisies) are also growing here in large numbers, with the flowers of P. hookeri crimson-colored those of P. criniferum nearly black.