Chatham Islands: Waitangi

Waitangi is the capital of Chatham Islands and 40% of population lives here, which equates to about 200 people. There is one policeman, one doctor and one nurse, tiny post office. There is a big and nasty-looking fish factory (Chathams are famous for blue cod), one overpriced hotel (with shared toilets), one bar (where rugged sailor hang out). There is a small grocery store (never opened), and a liquor store (always open). There is also a small museum about Chatham Island and the somewhat violent history – the island was inhabited by Moriori people, Polynesians who prohibited war and fighting by law. Sadly, when European and Maori tribes from New Zealand arrived, they quickly overpowered the resistance-less Moriori and subjugated then. Waitangi front a beautiful long inner island harbor with a Long Beach.