China: Guangzhou – Cantonese Food Recap

Cantonese Food Is perhaps the most famous of Chinese cuisines, known for its diversity of ingredients and methods of preparation. Of coarse the most well known is the dim sum, which is kind of Chinese version of Spanish tapas – ready-to-eat finger food. Dim sum is usually eaten as breakfast or lunch or brunch and accompanied by endless tea that’s being constantly added and poured and heated for you. Dim sum is usually shared, but obviously can be eaten solo as long as you don’t explode.Typical dim sum dishes include dumplings, pork buns, spring rocks, various grilled meats and fish, and even egg tarts. Having found one of the best and award-winning dim sum restaurant, I was here like an addict every morning, drinking copious amounts of choice teas and gobbling amazing Cantonese cuisine, never repeating same dish twice.