China: Guangzhou – Xu Hongfei Chubby Women Sculptures

The Guangzhou sculptor Xu Hongfei is considered to be the Chinese Botero for his sculptures of chubby women. Just like his Colombia counterpart, Hu creates sculptures exaggerating weight, albeit more realistically and definitely with Chinese flavor and a lot of humor. About two dozen of these statues are displayed in one spot near the central Huacheng Square. Skinny tiny men holding massive overweight chubby women, chubby women playing tennis and golf, chubby Chinese baby jumping, chubby woman trying to get a taxi next to a skinny girl, chubby women falling out of their clothes with the massive forms, or chubby women just plain naked – it’s all here. For me it was a total dejavu of the Plaza Botero in Medellin or the Botero Museum in Bogota, just seen this May. Fantastic stuff!