Comoros: Ylang-ylang Plantation

Guess what the number one export of Comoros is? It’s ylang-ylang flowers, the number one ingredient of perfumes. Ylang-ylang or Cananga odorata, is a tropical tree that produces cananga oil which is super fragrant and is an essential oil. Standing in the tree grove is like being in a Perfumania store – the scent is very strong and overpowering. Here’s the wiki description of the oil – “The fragrance of ylang-ylang is rich and deep with notes of rubber and custard, and bright with hints of jasmine and neroli. The essential oil of the flower is obtained through steam distillation of the flowers and separated into different grades (extra, 1, 2, or 3) according to when the distillates are obtained. The main aromatic components of ylang-ylang oil are benzyl acetate, linalool, p-cresyl methyl ether, and methyl benzoate, responsible for its characteristic odor.”