Crima: Ai-Petri Peak & Cablecar

Ai-Petri is the most spectacular peak of the Crimean Mountains rising to 4,049 ft/1,234 m almost vertically from the sea level of the Black Sea Coast in the south of Crimea. A cable car takes you to the plateau just beneath the peak in two steps – the lower section is 1,310 m/4,298 ft long and the top is 1,670 m/5,479 ft with an elevation angle of 46 degrees, making it the longest unsupported section of a cable car or a ropeway in Europe. I didn’t get lucky with the weather – thick clouds hang over the mountains. The ride was fun and mildly spooky as you enter complete cloud cover and the cable car is moving up in thick milk, just to break through at the very top. The view were…. well they didn’t exist.