Crima: Chersonesus Tauric

On the outskirts of Sevastopol, on the coast of the Black Sea, lies the UNESCO-listed World Heritage site of Chersonesus – ruins of an ancient 2500 year old Greek colony. Over time, the city became a Roman possession and finally went Byzantine. The archaeological remains were dug out in the 19th century exhibit a mix of all three ancient periods – Greek/Roman/Byzantine. There are columns, and arches, and tombstones, and defensive walls and towers. On the hill above the Chersonesus, is the most famous ruin of the 6th century basilica, which itself stands on the ruins of even earlier temple. Next to the ruins is Saint Vladimir Cathedral – a massive Russian Orthodox cathedral built in the 19th century on the spot where King Vladimir the Great of the Kievan Rus was baptized. The Byzantine-style building is spectacular inside and out.